BIM objects for Revit or ArchiCAD? Technical drawings and specification descriptions?

Digital marketing for construction materials easily gets complicated for the supplier wanting to be a professional partner for the architect and the engineer.

Since 2007, 3dbyggeri danmark has developed 3D BIM objects for Revit and ArchiCAD, 2D technical drawings and specification descriptions for suppliers of construction materials.

Consequently, we know what we are talking about when giving advice on the BIM solution that considers the needs of the architect, the engineer and your case. We focus on serious BIM consultancy – not unnecessary upselling.

Read more about digitisation of the construction industry and BIM in our free online library (Danish only).

Architects and engineers are the key to increased sales of construction materials

The choice of construction materials is in most cases made by the architect or the engineer. By affecting those stakeholders early and consistently throughout the planning process of construction projects, you increase the probability of getting the contract.

The key is to consider digital marketing in three interrelated steps:

  1. Inspire the architect and the engineer
    Inspirational and technical product material must be easily accessible on your website and during sales meetings – your product must be served on a silver platter

  2. Integrate your product into the construction project
    3D BIM objects and 2D technical drawings are your entry ticket to the construction project – and make it easy for the architect and engineer to use your product in the planning process

  3. Increase your sales with a strong position at the tender
    With your products integrated into the construction project, you can turn the tender into your advantage with specification descriptions – they increase the chance for winning the contract

The Inspire-Integrate-Increase process supports the digital workflow of architects and engineers, highlights unique product features, embeds your products into the early planning stages – and increases the probability of your product being part of the finished building.

Also for small budgets

We base our business on serious BIM consultancy and finding the right BIM solution for your case – not unnecessary upselling. This means that digital marketing for construction materials not necessarily requires large budgets.

In most cases, only few adjustments to existing material is required to meet the architects’ and engineers’ minimum requirements for 3D BIM objects, 2D technical drawings and specification descriptions.

We advice, develop and implement.

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Solid experience

At 3dbyggeri danmark we have experience producing 3D BIM objects, 2D technical drawings and specification descriptions for windows, doors, inner walls, lighting, electrical components, sanitary ware and kitchens among other product groups.

We are market-leading within digital marketing for construction materials and offers serious BIM consultancy for ambitious Danish and international manufacturers of construction materials, who wish to optimise their sales.

With more than 10 years of international experience in architecture, IT, digitisation and construction, your company will be in capable hands - we know what it takes to make your products the most preferred among architects, engineers and other consultants.

Call us at (+45) 88 80 73 80 or send a message to if you wish to know more about how we can help you winning more contracts.

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