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2: Integrate your product into the construction project

BIM objects and technical drawings

Are architects and engineers able to work with your products during construction project planning?

Digital construction models are natural to architects and engineers, who are dependent on digital building blocks.

BIM objects and technical drawings constitute the digital building blocks that anchor your product data in the early project planning stages.

Data på BIM-objekt

BIM objects are not off-the-shelf


It can be difficult for the manufacturers of construction materials to navigate in the vast opportunities of BIM objects and technical drawings;

  • Do you need 2D or 3D?

  • Is Revit, ArchiCAD or something else the right choice?

  • Which product data are relevant?

  • What about the level of visual detailing?

There are no clear answers, which is the reason why BIM objects and technical drawings are not off-the-shelf products. 3dbyggeri danmark always starts a project by advising on the right solution in your case.

We have delivered BIM objects and 2D technical drawings for e.g. windows, doors, inner walls, ceilings, lighting, electrical components, sanitary ware and kitchens.

We work in compliance with national and international standards for BIM objects, e.g. the NBS standard.

Our services:

BIM objects

- Development of new objects

- Updating of existing objects

- Revit, ArchiCAD and other softwares


2D technical drawings

- Development of new drawings

- Updating of existing drawings

- DWG, PDF and other formats

2D detaljetegning

Facts about BIM objects and technical drawings

What are BIM objects?

BIM objects are the entry ticket to the tender process of the contruction project.

BIM objects are 3-dimensional digital building blocks that represent the geometry and product data for construction materials.

BIM objects can have different levels of detail both with regards to geometry and data.

Revit, ArchiCAD or ...?

Revit and ArchiCAD are the most common design softwares among architects and construction engineers. Other software types include Vectorworks, Tekla and MagiCAD. One also has to consider the IFC format.

BIM objects are made specifically for one type of software – this means that a Revit BIM object cannot be used in ArchiCAD.

What are 2D technical drawings?

The 2-dimensional technical drawing illustrates how a product is integrated into the construction of the building.

The most common formats for technical drawings include AutoCAD, Revit and DWG.

2D or 3D?

The architects and construction engineer are not designing in either 2D or 3D. Consequently, 2D technical drawings are not an alternative - but a supplement – to BIM objects. And the other way around.

As an example, the technical drawing can be embedded in the 3-dimensional Revit model and work as a detailed illustration of the construction material’s installation.

Add-on: BIM video

Many opportunities can hide in digital product material like BIM objects, which may be complicated to use. For the same reason, it can be hard to communicate in writing and words.

Help the architect, the engineer and your employees with explanatory videos that in short time show the opportunities with your digital product material.

Example of BIM video:

Add-on: 360 illustrator

An interactive 3D visualisation of your product that can be rotated. It makes your products easier to understand for the non-technical decision maker – and serves as good inspiration when the architect and engineer are researching.

The functionality of your product is illustrated in an interactive manner with simple clicks. Intuitive control points, menus and links to information can be added.

​See example of 360-illustrator:

BIM objects are also known as:
BIM models, 3D objects, Revit models, Revit objects, Revit drawings, Revit families, ArchiCAD models, ArchiCAD objects and ArchiCAD drawings

2D technical drawings are also known as:
CAD drawings, 2D drawings, Revit details and Revit 2D

Plugins for Revit

- Get your spot in the ribbon of the architects' and engineers' everyday-tool

Revit plugin

Object generator

- Automated update of, and international variations of, data on BIM objects

- See Glasshouse Data Management System

Portal management

- Automated upload and administration of content on web portals

- See Glasshouse Data Management System

Integration in the stages of a construction project (NBS Plan of Work)

Stage 0: Strategy

Stage 1: Brief

Stage 2: Concept

Stage 3: Definition

Stage 4: Design

Stage 5: Build & commission

Stage 6: Handover & closeout

Stage 7: Operation

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