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3: Instigate sales with a strong position at the tender

Specification descriptions

Are you safe, when the construction project is transferred from architect/engineer to contractor?

With specification descriptions, the tender material and the constructors’ calculations are based on your construction materials.

Specification descriptions are particularly important at public tenders.


Take a lead at tenders of construction projects

​Specification descriptions help making unique features of your construction materials part of the tender material – and it becomes difficult to substitute your product with competing construction materials that would otherwise meet the requirements of the tender material.

Specification descriptions may appear to be simple documents, but they must comply with industry standards and legislation to be useful. This raises a number of questions;


  • Which product data and features are relevant?

  • Should it be product specific or product neutral texts?

  • What are the requirements of the Danish B1.000 structure?

  • What is allowed, when it is a public tender?


At 3dbyggeri danmark we are experts at making specification descriptions in compliance with e.g. the Danish B1.000 structure and the Public Procurement Act.

Our services:

Specification descriptions

- Development of new descriptions

- Updating of existing descriptions

- Product specific and product neutral

- In accordance with the B1.000 structure 


Facts about specification descriptions

What are specification descriptions?

The specification description is a technical description of a product's specifications and features. The text is included in the tender material for the construction project as a specification of what the contractors must include in their offers.

This is important for tenders where mentioning of specific products is prohibited – this applies to e.g. public tenders.

Product specific or product neutral?

Basically, there are two types of specification descriptions that are used for different tenders:

  1. Product specific specification descriptions for private tenders
  2. Product neutral specification descriptions (also known as generic specification descriptions) for public tenders

A product specific specification description cannot be used in a public tender, but a product neutral specification description can be used in a private tender – however not with the same power as product specific specification descriptions.

BIPS B1.000

B1.000 is the de facto standard for structuring specification descriptions in Denmark.

Specification generator

- Customised specification descriptions for download from your website

- See Glasshouse Data Management System

Specification descriptions are also known as:
Tender descriptions, specifications, specification texts, generic descriptions and generic texts.

Instigate in the stages of a construction project (NBS Plan of Work)

Stage 0: Strategy

Stage 1: Brief

Stage 2: Concept

Stage 3: Definition

Stage 4: Design

Stage 5: Build & commission

Stage 6: Handover & closeout

Stage 7: Operation

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