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Glasshouse Data Management System

Are your product data structured and unambigiuous?

Glasshouse Data Management System (GDMS) is the data management tool for manufacturers of construction materials, making up-to-date product documentation readily available to architects, engineers - and yourself.

Simple implementation and optimised data processes.


Value hides in your product data

Regardless how BIM (Building Information Modeling) is defined, the I is the most important - and often neglected - aspect of digital construction projects.

Product data is synonymous with the I of BIM because it is a significant source of information in the digital construction project.


Most manufacturers of construction materials distribute their product data in multiple internal and external channels - but only a minority has simple, automated processes for maintaining the product data across distribution channels. This poses a number of challenges;

  • In how many places do you store and use the same product data?

  • How long time does it take before your product data are updated in all distribution channels?

  • How many manual working hours do you spend producing e.g. specification descriptions for architects and engineers?

Glasshouse Data Management System (GDMS) is modular and developed to handle the challenges facing manufacturers of construction materials, when product data are administered, updated and distributed across internal and external distribution channels.


GDMS database (basic module)

The GDMS database is a web-based tool where you can collect and manage your product data, specifications, objects, etc. From this interface, you manage all the other GDMS modules. Working in the GDMS database requires no installations or special IT skills.

Built-in product catalogue

Get a manageable library of digital product documentation on your website - and make it easy for the architect and the engineer to find BIM objects, technical drawings and specification descriptions. See how the built-in product catalogue works:

Filter / Configurator

Navigating a large product range can be difficult. The GDMS filter function allows the user to filter their way to the right product variant(s) on the basis of product specifications and properties. See how the filter function works:

Data sheet generator

Do you also prepare data sheets manually in InDesign?

With the GDMS data sheet generator, you only need to make one data sheet template. This is then automatically merged with updated product data for each product.

See how the data sheet generator works:

Specification text generator

How many manual hours do you spend cutting and pasting specification descriptions for architects and engineers?

With the GDMS specification generator, you only need to make one specification template. This is then automatically merged with updated product data for products selected by the architect or engineer.

The architect and engineer get customised specifications without you having to lift a finger.

See how the specification generator works:

Object generator

Are your BIM objects updated every time product data changes?

With the GDMS object generator, product data for your BIM objects is updated with a single click - ensuring that the architect and the engineer always have access to up-to-date BIM objects.

Do you distribute your products in multiple markets?

Often, there are national differences in the product data that has to be linked to a BIM object. The GDMS object generator can also handle country-specific versions of BIM objects.

See how the object generator works:

Portal management

Many manufacturers of construction materials choose to distribute their digital product material on portals like BIMobject, bimstore, NBS National BIM Library and MagiCloud.

Uploading and managing content on the portals is a huge task which can be automated with the GDMS portal management module.

See how the portal management module works:

PIM integration

GDMS is not a competitor to your PIM system - it is a specialised add-on.

With the GDMS PIM integration module, you can synchronise between GDMS and your PIM system, and avoid keeping different versions of the same product data.

See how the PIM integration module works:

Control of your product data

In how many places do you store and use the same product data?

With Glasshouse Data Management System (GDMS), you can collect and manage your product data in one place.


At the same time, your digital product documentation is always up-to-date and current - without any time-consuming manual processes.

Reduced data handling costs

How many working hours do you spend on e.g. managing content on portals?

In most cases, the savings from automating manual processes for data management in relation to architects and engineers mean a short payback time for GDMS.


Try to count how many manual hours you spend...

Specialised data management tool - not a heavy PIM system

Do you already have a PIM system?

GDMS is a specialised add-on to large PIM systems. If you already have a PIM system, GDMS can integrate with it.


If you do not need a large PIM system, GDMS can act as a ‘PIM light’ system.

Inspiration in the stages of a construction project (NBS Plan of Work)

Stage 0: Strategy

Stage 1: Brief

Stage 2: Concept

Stage 3: Definition

Stage 4: Design

Stage 5: Build & construction

Stage 6: Handover & closeout

Stage 7: Operation

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